martes, 18 de noviembre de 2008


A month ago I decided to try some of the automation tricks learned after battling with VST-instrument tracks into Cubase.
You can hear the pitch changing up and down (about 7 st.) with the help of a little VSTfx called Pitchwheel. This fx lets you change pitch accordingly with a large wheel AND the possibility to click outside the wheel, following the out-ring, to do some cool pitchshifting instant effects. Also a glide parameter can be configured, so you can do a portamento-effect between semitone steps.

The next thing I did was using a chopper-random-swissknife tool (like the freeware dBlue Glitch) to process some loop and add a rusty malfunctioning mechanics effect. Quite satisfying.

I've done in the past a lot of tracking with my Trinity Plus thus when I've had the possibility to permanently connect it to the soundcard I've recorded a lot of takes. Like this awesome pad. Lots of filtering, phasing and pure Korg quality-oscillator coolness. You can hear it washing everything else midways and in the end.

Then it came the idea to add a main line synth, to add some bass and expressive, non-cold-programming instrumentation. So there you have, a bass line played almost at 5/4 measuring growling and eating frequencies :D
To accomplish the presence I saturated a vintage compressor pushing input to its overdriving then controlling (lowering mostly) the output. Like it was analog gear (I wish) [thanks for the tip everlast!] plus a little stereo widening to separate it from the mid-center. You should try it.

The track: bombjack - noname.mp3
[right-click, Save As... to download]

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Aleksandar dijo...

Great tune - me likey very mucho!! :)

Joan-Marc dijo...

A bip is a bip, un bap un bap. Y gana con cada escucha.

trainer dijo...


marc dijo...

A sus pieses, don Guillemot. El Joan Marc m'ha chivat això del blog i estic molt a favor. "Noname" se sale.

Guillem dijo...

Thanks Aleksandar, you've helped me with that HUGE bass sound.

JM, bips y baps mientras hagan mover la cadera al ritmo de un tarareo, perfecto.

Gràcies Trainer! Com m'has trobat?

I vostè, Sr. Piñol, benvingut. Ens deixarà un link aqui al blog del seu remix? :)