martes, 18 de noviembre de 2008

Hello World

This is my first entry. A little presentation:
My name is Guillem Pascual, former musical producer of all kinds of electronic stuff, pop and everything worth spending time in it.
This blogspot is related to everything that comes by my spare time, from free productions downloadable directly here (however take in account that a limited 5GB-per-month bandwidth is present) to some production tips and some musical and VST reviews.

Cheers and see you around! :)

4 comentarios:

Pau dijo...

hell yeah!

Guillem dijo...

o també: yell heah! T'imagines anar pel carrer i cridant: HEAH!?

salvador pereira ,alfredo gonzalez dijo...

hell yeahhhhhhhhhh

nora idoia dijo...

m'imagino cridant HEAH! tot saltant per un terra de cames-elàstiques...oh!! i tu disfrassat d'alient pelut!