martes, 18 de noviembre de 2008

(let's talk about) ssexs

sexual innuendo here

This track came to me when trying the infamous sidechaining effect where a signal ducks (lowers the volume) another with the required attack and release. Cubase is very tricky on this matter, because of no native sidechain routing. You need to do it using a Quadro (four channel surround buss) group. Sending one track pre-fader through inputs 3&4 (thus controlling the ducking level at your wish without affecting the track level, as a modulator) and routing the track you want to be ducked through group inputs 1&2. If it sounds tricky (it is at first) check here. Video not done by me.

The cool thing is applying this technique to a 303 bassline with some crazy delaying with spectral shifting and stuff, check yourself: bombjack - ssexs.mp3 [right-click, Save As... to download]

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Joan-Marc dijo...

Sexo hipnótico. Love it!

Guillem dijo...

Lexo hipnótico. Shove it! Haha.

Thanks man, cada dia te veo más groovy ;)