domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009

begone dull care - capricho en colores


Año 1949, pintado a mano por Evelyn Lambart y Norman McLaren frame a frame y musicalizado deliciosamente a jazz por Oscar Peterson Trio.

viernes, 28 de agosto de 2009

Visitor - Los Feeling [BombJack's Tiny Epic Rmx] by BombJack

Visitor - Los Feeling [BombJack's Tiny Epic Rmx]  by  BombJack

have you had enough?

oooh... did I say too much?

My personal rendition to this summer hit from Visitor. They gave stems (multitrack recordings) to whomever dared to remix them. I ended doing it off the clock but happened to be a nice rendition more 80's neon-style than anything. Their original track is closer to this, but I tried to make it more spectacular, ambient-driven with those nice 80's gated reverb drums and some french-touch vocal samples.

Hope you enjoy and DanceDanceDance it!

sábado, 15 de agosto de 2009

love letter

There's no robocop without robocop 2, there's no gremlins without gremlins 2, there's no terminator without terminator 2 (altho I can't say the same about Alien saga, damn).

So there's no Oblique remix without Oblique remix 2.

Better for my taste, more story-driven, lush beginning to dream a little on this hot spicy summer and marathon-alike second part to run away without hassle/dazzle.

Fully done with VST's and internal mixing too, altho my friend everlast helped with mastering. Neat sound.

Cheers, and have a good summer!

Oblique - Sincerely Yours [BombJack rmx] [right-click to save]

miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2009


Here's a tiny remix I did for Oblique guys in a hot sunday afternoon. Used only VST's and internal mixing/mastering. The clearness of sound comes from the lack of many layers. As clearer it is (meaning less complicated stereo sounds or ambient/fx) the easier to mix.

[right click to download]
Oblique - The Boy from The Stars [the boy from hell rmx]


Oh, and sorry for the lack of entries. It'll grow over time.

UPDATE: they decided to use this arrangement for live/gigging, Kudos for them!!