martes, 18 de noviembre de 2008


When you have a spare night on your own, with those desktop dimmed lights and a couple ice cubes with coke...

Thursday night everyone went out, so I did what I do with my spare time: videogames. Not really.

Trying to use three sidechain modulators for just one track can be a hassle, but after some rehearsal I found that using the pre-fader send is a joy. When you have three different dynamic tracks that you can use to duck that juicy pad everything could happen, and it happened.

You can hear when the pad starts to fade in a subtile dynamic change, followed by more drastic ducking, besides going off-tempo to do a nice atmosphere movement side to side that repeating chord pattern and drum programming. In the end you can hear the ducking itself fades in and out with some different patterns, thanks to kick drum and that percussive chord pattern.

Also, there's a little melody that comes near the end with some sort of synth pan-flute that adds some mystery.

Check it out (and try it mixing upwards another rhytmic song ;)
bombjack - thursday.mp3
[right-click, Save As... to download]

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ellav dijo...

Sounds very interesting (the side chaining model) and sounds great!

Guillem dijo...