viernes, 21 de noviembre de 2008

acidorro p'a las penas

There's a spanish slang phrase that says: ¡Tintorro p'a las penas!
When you're down, sad or screwed up you go to a Bar, drink some glasses of cheap red wine (Tintorro) and try to cure your pain (p'a las penas) but in the end you finish totally wasted... :D

Some days are better than others, and as a well-known artist's topic says pain can evoke art. So here I'll post one song evoked by some pain and nostalgia, where the synth full strings pad flows with my fingers, following my hard-earned emotions like a river of teardrops.

Enough emo stuff.

You can hear a nice 303 pattern flowing through the song matching the groove thanks to its accent punctuations and some melody note programming that accompanies the main harmony. I think it's the catch of the song, as I thought it was an inspired bassline and it doesn't get old fast.

Then you have the bass, oldskool analogue sound with oldskool sequence-alike. Maybe I can update it a little to sound more à la page... then the base, with this hard kick and a lot of hi hats... making it defined in lows and highs but lacking mids... so I can accomodate the rest, 303 and rough analogue bass.

Tell me what you think, let the strings flow and drink a cup of harmless acid! [put smiley here]

Click or right click: bombjack - acidorro pa las penas.mp3

4 comentarios:

ellav dijo...

Podría beber litros y litros de tu Vino tinto pa las penas

PAra cuando una sesión entera?

Guillem dijo...

Para dentro de poco, I promise.

Jaume dijo...

Pues avisa a todos cuando hagas esa sesión/live, que no quiero perdérmela.

Este nuevo me mola mucho también, y más que el ácido, las melodías y atmósferas que metes, muy deep, con mucha clase, me encanta!

Guillem dijo...

Gracias Jaume!

HAy una nueva versión más pop, menos dura en la nueva entrada.

Lo del directo aún está por definir, ¡necesito más material! :)